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Netorare Games Is All About Cuckolding, But In Hentai

When it comes to cuckolding, people think that it’s the American porn industry that has popularized the kink. But Netorare, or NTN as it’s usually referred to on hentai sites, has been around the web for years. And if you’re a fan of both hentai and cuckolding, you will be happy to hear that we have one of the biggest collections of Netorare Games that has ever hit the web. What’s beautiful about the NTR category is that it features way much more than just husbands watching their wives fucked by bulls. There’s so much diversity in our collection as you will see in the following paragraphs of our site’s description.

But before we go any further, let me introduce you to our site. We’re a team of webmasters with a lot of experience in the world of porn. We know everything about how sites should be ran and what they need to offer the visitors one of the best adult experiences they’ve even had. We took all that knowledge and condensed it into creating this ultimate platform of hentai games that we simply called Netorare Games. This site has everything you need for proper navigation and an excellent experience on the web. It can be accessed from any device and it has a collection of games that are cross platform ready. But the best thing about our site is the fact that we offer all these games for free. You don’t have to be a registered member of our site before you play. You don’t need to download and install anything. You only need to confirm that you’re over the age of 18 and then you’ll be free to play our games.

The Many Fantasy Scenarios Of Netorare Games

I’ve told you in the intro of this review that we managed to put together a very diverse collection of games and that the NTR kink is much more than just wives fucking bulls. But we have to let you know that we do have the classic style of cuckolding transposed into hentai games on our site. We do feature lots of wives who are fucked hard by handsome men with huge dicks while their husbands are jerking off in the corner. At the same time, we give our players the chance to take their revenge. You can play games in which you’ll be the one fucking younger and hotter chicks while your girlfriend is watching.

But there’s so much more on the site. As you already know, the hentai medium gives creators the liberty to come up with all kinds of scenarios. You can play games on our site in which the ladies are fucking shemale hotties in front of their husbands. You can play lesbian NTR games on our site. And we even have gay NTR games. We have some monster sex games in which the girlfriends and wives are fucked by all kinds of aliens and mythical creatures. We even have family NTR games in which you can watch your mom, your daughter or your sister fucked by other men.

The stories in all of our games are insane. We only feature games with interesting and well-developed plots. If you like stories more than you like actual gameplay, you should try our text-based games. They come with multiple endings that branch off from your decisions and they will make you feel like the main character that you’ll be playing. All in all, this diverse collection of games is going to keep you satisfied for a long time.

All New HTML5 Hentai Games

We care a lot about quality and we wanted to create a platform where you can play the best games on any device you might use. That’s why we only feature HTML5 games on our site. This new generation of games is better crafted than anything from the past. The games that we have on this site will feel so real and it’s not only because the merciless stories of cuckoldry which are well written, but also because of the graphics and movement engines in the games. The characters have so many details on their bodies and they react to everything you do to them. Even though there are hot anime babes, you will feel like they’re real when they flinch as cum is about to hit their face and moan in sync to how hard you fuck them. Another feature of the HTML5 games is the fact that they are ready to be played on any device. You can enter our site from PC, Mac, iOS or Android and you will play all of our games directly in your browser. You will be amazed by how far the online gaming industry has come in the past years.

We Truly Offer Free Sex Gaming

With the Netorare Games you won’t need any other cuckolding gaming source in your life. We have hundreds of games and we add new ones as soon as we find them or as they are being launched. Because we have so many players, we can offer all these games for free. If you wonder how we do that, it’s no secret. Although it won’t be obvious, you will notice that we have some ads on our site. Well, these ads are advertising some top shelf porn partners, not random spam sites. And those companies don’t want their names associated with pop ups and aggressive advertising or misleading and clickbait sites.

So, don’t waste any more time and just start playing. We’ve organized our collection for you so that you can easily browse through it and find the right site for your fantasies. We also made sure to select suggestive thumbnails and write short descriptions for the games so that you will know everything about them before you click play. When you found the one, hit the play button and let yourself carried away in the hentai kink world.

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